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Special Outdoor Leisure Opportunities


the skiing goes on

So keep doing a snow dance!

SOLO provides outdoor winter educational and recreational opportunities for persons with disabilities from St. Joseph County, Ind., and nearby counties in an effort to:

  • Encourage independence and increase participation in family and community leisure opportunities

  • Educate the community regarding the capabilities of and opportunities for persons with disabilities

Skiing offers a freedom of movement that most persons with disabilities have never experienced. At the same time, it creates an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and unsurpassed confidence. A person who has difficulty walking will find themselves gliding smoothly down the hill with a newfound poise and agility.

We welcome both adults and children at least 8 years of age to join us. SOLO is open to students with physical, visual, auditory, or significant mental impairments.

Crosscountry SOLO Michiana

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Bittersweet ski trip

SOLO enjoyed a sunny day on Feb. 9, 2019