SOLO |  Special Outdoor Leisure Opportunities

Cost for Students

Downhill (Alpine) Program

The student cost for the downhill program is $40, which covers the cost of lift tickets, rental equipment, and the bus ride to and from Swiss Valley. One additional family member may also participate in the downhill program for $40. Other family members and friends wishing to ski recreationally should plan to purchase their own lift tickets at Swiss Valley. The bus continues to be free for all. Siblings over 16 who already know how to ski are encouraged to sign up as new volunteers for whom SOLO skiing is free.

Cross-Country (Nordic) Program


The nordic program costs just $10 per student, or just $20 for the entire family.  
This covers all trail fees and equipment.


The cost of either program

is an outstanding bargain!  




To note a few comparisons: 

  • Therapeutic horseback riding lessons can cost $200 for a 5-week session (or $40 for EACH private lesson)

  • MSA soccer costs $100-185 for 8 weeks.

  • And, if you were to go skiing on your own at Swiss Valley any Monday night, it would cost $45! 

"Skier-ships" are available in response to any reasonable request to the SOLO board of directors.