SOLO |  Special Outdoor Leisure Opportunities


If you would like to donate to SOLO, you can send a check to:

SOLO, Inc.

P.O. Box 6221

South Bend, IN 46660


SOLO is dependent on the help of volunteers, charitable gifts and fund-raising efforts. Other expenses are met through generous contributions given by local civic organizations. 

The program is also a member of Disabled Sports USA, which covers the program under its group liability coverage. SOLO is fully insured as a dues-paying and insurance-paying affiliate of Disabled Sports USA. In order to protect our volunteers and students, more than a third of SOLO's annual budget goes towards this important expense.

To continue the benefits of our skiing programs, we must regularly replace or purchase additional adaptive ski equipment, and provide transportation and field trip costs.

If you would like to speak to someone about SOLO, or if you have ideas or the resources to help us do some fundraising, please contact one of our board members.