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Volunteers may bring their own skis, boots, poles, or snowshoes, but it is not required.

For downhill skiing, SOLO recommends that volunteers use shorter skis than they typically use – that is, to let SOLO rent them for you. This will help you to ski more slowly, which is important when accompanying the student skier.

Disabled Sports USA requires all alpine participants, students and volunteers, to wear a ski helmet. We acquire ski helmets each year from the Borgess Head Trauma Unit in Kalamazoo. The helmets cost $25 and are available in several different colors. We will have a few sample helmets at the orientation meeting and exercise session in December. If you do not already own a helmet, and would like to purchase one of these helmets, you can place your order in December and we will have your helmet for you on the first night of skiing in January.

Click here to download a helmet order form.

In the cross-country program, SOLO has a collection of skis and snowshoes mostly for the students. If you have your own cross-country skis or snowshoes, we encourage you to bring them.